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The success of your business ultimately comes down to your relationships with prospects and customers.


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MyCrms - new graphs, charts and reports are available now
MyCrms gives you complete control over your sales and customer relations management requirements
myCRMS ™

Sales & Customer Relationship Management

myCRMS is a 100% browser-based, affordably priced, Customer Relationship Management System. myCRMS gives your company, leadingz-edge capabilities and all the key functionality to manage your customer relationships. This is done with unprecedented ease of use.

myCRMS helps you win and retain customers by putting valuable contact information at your fingertips, and automating a number of routine activities - without sacrificing your bottom line.

myCRMS allows you to access key information and reports via your company LAN, Internet, PDA's and mobile phones. It provides full integration of sales and marketing functions to give you a complete view of your customers and sales process.


  • Reature rich contact management - Instantly access your centralized customer and contact information, including complete histories.
  • Time management - Stay on top of your day with reminders, alerts and a complete view of your schedule.
  • Opportunity tracking - Get immediate updates for your pipeline and track products, prospects, revenue potential, and closing dates in real time.
  • Reporting and analysis - Analyze your leads, sales, and marketing so you can concentrate efforts on the strategies that are delivering results!
  • Create prospect lists - Create prospect lists using an advanced filtering capability
  • Marketing automation - Automate mass mailings by easily generating targeted, personalized email, letters and faxes from a central location - and track results!
  • Team-based collaboration - All information is accessible over the whole marketing team from sales executives to managers and above
  • Sales Forecasting - Sales can be forcasted by product or probability on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

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